Sunday, December 1, 2013

Back From Italy

I'm back from spending Thanksgiving week in Florence & Rome with daughter Melinda.
What a whirlwind!
Here are some of the high-lites and low-lites.
26 hours of travel one way, not including the 4 hour delays for the outbound leg. Jet Lag!
Freezing...I mean bone-chilling, howling wind and spitting rain chilling! Had to buy wool to live.
* I got to travel first class and am now spoiled forever.
*A marathon run amongst the monuments and statues of Florence.
*Our wine tasting mini-class being photographed for brochure and advertising purposes.
*The tourist thrown out of the Sistine Chapel for ignoring the no photos rule...with a flash yet!
*The street vendors selling illegal knock-off designer bags, who on a hidden signal, scurried to hide their wares from police.
* After touring the coliseum we lunched at a cute cafĂ©.  Sitting next to us another Mother/Daughter duo.  During chit chat turns out they were from Anchorage, Alaska...we volunteer my nephew works as a teacher there.  She asks his name.  She is his principal!!!
* Major high-lite-THE FOOD & WINE!

Romans love white wine but in Florence, especially with this famous steak, you just can't beat a Brunello! 


From the Turtle's Shell said...

Awesome!!! Thanks for sharing!

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Anonymous said...

Ah what memories you bring back. Miss it already.