Saturday, April 18, 2015

Under Control-At Last!

A HUGE Thank You to all who helped in the Flood Crisis!!
Tommy Euday just stopped by with a request to thank each
 and every person who helped in his war against the water.
Bill Gifford and Staff Eddie, with Jay, manned the small pumps at my end of the resort, valiantly clearing mud and debris from the hoses, and babying the pumps, urging the water out past the berm.
Then Tommy brought in the big gun!  A much larger pump working with the small ones got the job done.
Tony J. (or is it G?), Gary Waldo, Charlie Cockrill, Mike Kovach, Barry Moore, and probably more, stayed up late, fueled the pumps, hauled the hoses, prayed for sun, and
Still raining a bit, and might for the next week or so, and the clean-up is ongoing...but these guys deserve the
biggest thank you ever!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Bob and Bernie's Excellent Adventure!

Greetings from Bob and Bernie:
It looks like the flooding this time is worst than
 it was the one winter we were there. 
 The septic tanks will again need to be pumped out. 
We have survived our first winter in Kokomo,
with only a few heavy snows.
  We returned from our ten day trip to Iceland and the Faroe Islands.  It was colder in Kokomo (below freezing)
and 1 to 3 degrees C in Iceland
and 4 to 5 degrees C in the Faroe islands. 
 There were 54 persons in our group, one from Singapore and one from Mexico.  The hotel in Iceland was first class while the hotel in The Faroe Islands was good but definitely not as good (the elevator could hold only 3 persons) 
 The food was very good everywhere with fish and sheep a dominate item on the menu. 
We had to split up the group into 3 different hotels in the Faroe Islands.  The Faroe islands does not get many tourist and the population is about 50,000 and now with people from all over the world arriving, there was no place for them.
  There is only one airport on one of the 18 islands approximate a mile in length as the remaining terrain is not flat.
The attached photos show what we saw:  Total solar eclipse,
 northern lights
  and how some in our group were waiting for totality.  The ships were cruise ships there  just for the event.
Hope the weather changes and it dries up soon for you.
Bob and Bernie

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

An offer you can't refuse...

Tom and I will be heading north on May 7. 
 On Saturday, May 9 we will be in Houston and will be going on a one hour air boat tour of Galveston Bay. 
 We bought the tour at an auction and it accommodates 6 people.
 We are looking for four people who would like to join us. 
 This is the same weekend as Mother's Day,
and is subject to the weather (of course).
 If you would like to be our guests,
 please give us a call 314-724-7399,
or see us at our sight # 44.
Thanks, Tom and Louise

Monday, April 13, 2015

Last Night's Photos from our Photo Laureate-Tom

You must forgive us for this endless stream of flood pics (and poetry) but it's quite the most exciting thing to happen here in a long while.


Ode to Lake Sandpipers

Silver skies,
growling pumps,
stinks like dumps.
Golf cart Armada,
pumps a-thumping,
grass reappearing,
more rain coming.
(Here's Jim's)
Water's creeping
up to the houses,
carrying fire ants,
scaring the mouses.

Tom, The Photo Arteest!

In the early morning before the waters are disturbed by cars and golf carts, the lake is like glass.
  Here are a few of the photos I took
early Saturday morning.
  I wonder if the people in those houses that are
upside down are dark matter versions of ourselves? 
Through new photo technology I am able to
 photograph the root systems of trees which
amazingly match the tops of the trees!

April Showers Bring May Flowers...

And I'd guess we are expecting a sh*tload of blooms!
Jay and his pumps were beginning to see some progress in the field yesterday.  Oh, just progress in the form of a few blades of grass appearing along the road edge.  Then it rained again! 
Another inch and a half of overnight rain has brought the water up and into our driveway.
That has NEVER happened before.
  Even with the flood from Hurricane Dolly our driveway was dry.
And more rain, perhaps heavy, has been forecast over the next several days!!!