Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Expand Your Cultural Horizons!

Pam Smith (she can be contacted for directions, parking , etc..  lot #324) is bringing our attention to the following:

Peña is a professional artist and native of Weslaco. Although he has experimented in working with a wide array of mediums including stained glass, copper
sculpture and jewelry, the central element of his work is vibrant color.
His dynamic surrealist landscapes are bursting with vivacious color, extraordinary figures and symbolism. When beginning a new piece, Peña chooses colors
that personify his mood.
“Pablo Peña’s artwork is a celebration and testament to his successful use of color,” said STC Library Art Gallery Associate Dawn Haughey. “While his skill in color usage
and blending is truly spectacular, he is also able to ignite a variety of emotions through his bold style. This exhibition is sure to speak to a very large audience.”
Ritchie is a La Grulla native and Brownsville resident who has been painting for over 50 years. She has studied oil and watercolor techniques under teachers from Raymondville and Corpus Christi, and has been a member of the Brownsville Art League since 1951.
“Minerva Ritchie has a very keen eye on the natural world around her,” said Dawn Haughey, STC Library Art Gallery associate. “She specializes in painting birds and floral subjects and does so with such precision and sensitivity. Ms. Ritchie continues to be an inspiring member of our local valley artist community.”


Through her brightly painted images of local cemeteries, Guzman Velasquez seeks to cherish and understand the role death plays along the Mexico-Texas border.
In her works, life and death co-exist in the same place, just like in the Mexican holiday, el Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead). This popular celebration holds many traditions including building private altars called
ofrendas , and honoring the deceased by leaving gifts of sugar skulls , marigolds , favorite foods, beverages and possessions at their grave sites.
Guzman Velasquez earned a bachelor of fine arts degree in painting from the University of Texas Pan-American and participated in the San Miguel de Allende Study Abroad Program in Guanajuato, Mexico .
“Guzman Velasquez’s breathtaking use of color is what initially draws viewer’s in,” said STC Art Gallery Associate Dawn Haughey. “It is then the movement and play of the medium that holds our attention. We are so excited to be able to share her work with all of our students, faculty and community members during el Día de los Muertos.”

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Summer Book Club

Just a reminder to Book Lovers--Summer Book Club will meet Thurs., 9-11-2014 at 7:00 p.m. in Flip Flopz.  We'll share our current and recent reads.  Always a good time!
And a PS. from me.  Catherine lent me a book, Dog On It, by Spencer Quinn.  It's private eye mystery told from the mind of the dog that accompanies the main character.  I loved it.  So much so that I bought all the $.99 short stories on Amazon (for Kindle) and two, read 'em, TWO, $10.00 books...they are that entertaining.
Not high lit to be sure, but hey, sometimes you just want a fun, good read!

Bares in the Woods....

While we await the date for my nose surgery
(wonder how I will turn out, hmmm)
 we are touring a bit of the Michigan UP.
 Gorgeous cool weather, blue skies...
Tahquamenon Falls
 Cute wildlife...
The trees are just starting to turn...

 Did I mention bares in the woods?
 Ok, how about us bares in the woods
watching bears in the woods.
 This is the Oswald Bear Ranch, recommended by our Mackinaw City shuttle bus driver. 
 She really gushed about it.
 Jim thought it was pretty cool, I thought it was a rustic zoo.  The Alaska bear habitats were much more interesting as were the grizzlies.
 We are now in Munising, awaiting a drastic change in the weather.  Really cold, heavy rain.  Oh boy, can't wait!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Meanwhile...Back at the Ranch!

While many Sandpeeps are out roaming the big wide world the gang at home has been making merry at Roosevelt's.
I see an equal distribution of wine and beer...
my kind of party!
Party on Peeps...

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Mackinac Island

After days of warm, muggy rain,
 today dawned crystal clear and cool. 
Let's go to Mackinac Island!
Been several times before, but a boat ride, a buggy ride, fudge to sample and a whitefish lunch...
What a lovely day!

Couldn't say it was uncrowded as there was an 8 mile race around the island this morning, but Mackinac seemed to suck up the crowds so it wasn't a problem.  We never had to wait for anything...not shuttle from the campground, ferry, buggy ride or lunch...amazing.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Mark your Calendar!

Let's celebrate!
September 17, 2014
Flip Flopz
John P. is now older than dirt.
Let's bury him with praise because he's made it this far.
3:00... A little early for the witching hour, but, hey, it's John.  6:00PM is bed time, dontcha know!
Cake & ice cream will be provided,
 but snacks are welcome, is your beverage of choice.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Happy "Day Before Labor Day" from Sunny Haven!

A big group from Sandpipers has gathered for the 7th annual Labor Day Reunion at Sunny Haven in Granger, spitting distance from the Michigan border.

There are 21 peeps here this year, most from Sandpipers, a few friends from other clubs.

We play cards, scrabble, read, hot tub and swim, shop, sightsee and then all gather for a rollicking good Happy Hour with good eats, followed by the best food you can imagine!  For instance...last night we ate pulled pork (smoked by Barry M.), coleslaw, potatoes, corn, beans, homemade bread from Hilton, BBQ sauce including Jon's House Special....followed by Dick & Sharon's homemade ice cream with chocolate sauce, sugar cream pie, bars of chocolate from Marijanne...and it goes on and on!  Burp!

Jon coordinates the dinners and with a big group of guys, goes shopping every morning for that night's meat.  We sign up for sides and/or appetizers in advance so nobody has that much cooking to do...except for Jon & Donna, with help as needed.!  Thanks guys!

It has been pretty rainy which I really don't mind 'cause, to me, rain is a novelty!  But the temps are quite comfortable.  Warm enough for outdoor showers, cool enough (in the shade) to even welcome a t-shirt.

Heading north on Tuesday for a week before returning to Dr. Bob & Catherine's for my next doctor appointment.  Time for a nose job.  Hope I won't end up with Bob Hope's nose!

Toodles, SueZ