Monday, April 25, 2016

Thank You from Bob C.

Thank you Cindy, Marylin, and Cindy for giving a great party for Jim, Buddy and Bob C. 
 It was wonderful seeing so many people show up to celebrate this late in the season. 
 Thank you all for your Birthday wishes.
Bob Copland


Sunday, April 24, 2016

Birthday BBQ blowout!

Come one, Come All
to a 70th Birthday Celebration
 for Bob (#30), Buddy (#12) and Jim (#414) and a few more too!
 on Sunday, April 24 at 4pm at site #30.
Please bring a chair and BYOB.
 We will provide the BBQ, sides, utensils and cake.
No gifts please, just come celebrate with us.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Back in the Park

 We are home again, after a 10 day cruise on Princess to Columbia, Costa Rica, Panama and Mexico. It was one of the last times Princess will be out of the Houston port as they are shutting down the cruise terminal.
We have cruised for about 25 years on different lines
...4 times on Princess. 
Some things I've noticed:
  While the service is still wonderful, and the food abundant (understatement!) you can tell they are cost cutting and it's just not as special as in the past. 
This cruise was jammed with Texans, and pot calling kettle black, wow!  were they fat! And I swear I've never seen so many wheelchairs and walkers...I mean hundreds!
Speaking of that, it's diet time for us. 
Still, it was a nice cruise, but I think I've had enough!
By the way...dumpsters on your site?  What, you've never heard of April Fool's Jokes?

Friday, April 1, 2016

From the Front Office

As you may have noticed the dumpster is getting too full, too fast to keep it clean and tidy by the front gate.  Visitors and guests are being subjected to trash on the ground which attract vermin, not to mention the renter's view is disgusting.
Therefore a proposal is being considered and
I would appreciate feedback.
Each street will receive it's own (smaller) dumpster,
and keep it neat and tidy. 
A smaller trash truck will empty the dumpster as needed. 
We'll be able to see which street has the most trash
 and bill accordingly. 
No dumpng of trash in another street's dumpster!
 No lawn waste. 
No recyclables.
All trash bagged and labled with your lot number.
Do you think this would be the answer to our trashy problem?  Feedback taken at the office-see Maria.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Where are They Now?

We were all sitting around getting all nostalgic about days gone by, remembered friends, 'where are they now' moments.
Remember the Nickerson's?  Nick and Bobbie?
He left a bit ago to live with his daughter in Washington. 
 If you'd like to drop him a note his address is:
Nick Nickerson
10020 NE 72 Circle
Vancouver, Wa 98662

Thursday, March 24, 2016

SPNO News - March 24th - Final Report

Good Afternoon Group.
The Olympic Flag is down and folded, the Olympic Rings are put away, Mike has his Olympic Torch back in his room and The Sandpipers 17th Nude Olympic is in the record books.  There were 101 different Athletes who took part.  307 Medals were awarded.  In all there were 1001 entries into the T-Shirt Raffle.  Everything from Air Hockey to Z-Field events.  What a great one is was.  So many things made this year a special time. 
Thanks to everyone who had even a small part in the event.
Thanks to Steve for his radio announcements, to Sue Z for her blog entries.  Thanks to Karen and Jay for their support.  Thanks to Jon and Donna, Jim and Cindy, Randy and Sue, Bruce and Sue, Frankie, Elsie, Irwin and Margaret and Paul and Judy for being such a good Olympic Committee.  Now thanks to all the event hosts this year.  You all did a wonderful job and took care of the tasks at hand.  Everything went off smoothly and without a hitch.  The weather tried a couple of times to keep us down but we made it through.  Thanks to Mike for leading the Parade.  If we forget anyone please, please know your efforts were appreciated.  Thanks to those who entered the Meatball Cook-off, it really was a great success.   
Now for some news.  Carma and myself have been asked to take care of the 18th Sandpipers Nude Olympics and we have decided we are up for another year.  So save the dates, March 22nd - March 29th, 2017. 
Next item.  Some have asked if the Sandpipers Nude Olympic T-Shirts were for sale.  After taking this question to Karen she has agreed to get some more and make them available for sale.  She needs to know by tomorrow, Friday March 25th by 5PM who wants them and the size they need, so get with the office to place your order if you want one. 
This event is such a pleasure to host for Carma and myself because of everyone here at Sandpipers that are willing to help.  From blowing up balloons to filling balloons with water.  You folks make this event happen and Carma and I want to say thank you so much for your help and kind words of encouragement.
Finally to everyone here at Sandpipers we hope that the next year will be a great one for all of you.  We hope your health remains good and if you are traveling back home or doing any summer traveling, please have a safe journey so we can see everyone back next season. 
Carma and Bob

Results for Wednesday, March 23rd

Ping Pong

Gold - Frankie 104
Silver – Joan 205
Bronze – Lucie 209

Gold - Yvon 209
Silver – Jon 36
Bronze - Bob

Meatball Cook-off

1st Place - Ken 627
2nd Place - Donna 36
3rd Place - Lucie 209

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

SPNO News for March 23rd

Good Morning Group. 
Tuesday had some wiffing and wacking going on in the Z Field.  The Wiffle Ball Golf events were hosted by Bill and Annie and Ian and they did a great job of ducking and weaving golf balls.  Thanks Annie, Bill and Ian.  The Petanque Skills were hosted by Irwin and Margaret with help from Jon, Bill and Jim.  Thanks to all who helped with that event. 

Today we have one schedule change.  The Ping Pong Tournament has been moved up to 10AM, so please come by this morning to watch the competition. 

The Final Awards Ceremony will start at 4PM in the Pavilion and the Closing of the 17th Sandpipers Nude Olympics will be held after the Awards Ceremony.  The Meat Ball Cook-off Results will be next and the start of the Super Happy Hour.  Please bring a dish to share if you intend to stay and eat.  Remember finger food only.  I understand the Cheer's Bar will be open during the Super Happy Hour with Charlie and Peggy serving drinks. 

Tuesday Results

A Division
Gold – Joan 205, Jon 36, Lou 8
Silver – Alma 8

B Division
Gold - Richie 424
Silver - John 5
Bronze – Paul, Bill 25

C Division
Gold - Donna 36
Silver – Merv Suite A
Bronze – Sue 409


Gold - Cindy 30, Longest Drive, Sue 409 Closest to Pin
Silver - Loretta 403, Longest Drive, Cindy 30 Closest to Pin
Bronze - Sue 409 Longest Drive, Loretta 403 Closest to Pin

Gold – Joan 205 Longest Drive & Closest to Pin
Silver – Annie 28 Longest Drive & Closest to Pin
Bronze – Laura 25 Longest Drive & Closest to Pin

Gold – Yvon 209 Longest Drive & Closest to Pin
Silver - Bob 308 Closest to Pin, Cris 312 Longest Drive
Bronze - David 336 Longest Drive, Real 605 Closest to Pin

Gold – Bill 25 Longest Drive & Closest to Pin
Silver – Richie 424 Longest Drive & Closest to Pin

Gold - Betty 512
Silver – Carma 308
Bronze – Lucie 209

Gold - Yvon 209
Silver - Jim 35
Bronze - Bob 308, Real 605