Monday, March 27, 2017

Monday SPNO

SPNO Daily Update --- March 27th, 2017

Good Morning Everyone.
Here are the events for Monday, March 27th.  

4X4 Men's Water Volleyball, 11:00 AM;
 Basketball, 3:00 PM;
  Hula Hoop Contest, 4:00 PM,
400 Row/Happy Hour.

3 days left in this years SPNO.  Wow, it is going by fast. 
 Men's 4 on 4 Water Volleyball will start at 11AM.  If you have signed up please show up by 10:45 for Team Assignments. 
 Basketball could start early so check over at the Pickle Ball Court but for sure by 3PM. 
 Then another new event over somewhere on the 400 Row at 4PM will be the Hula Hoop Contest.  Richie and Susi are hosting this one.  
The only event left to sign up for is Ping Pong at site 308.

Sunday was the Blind Beach Ball Volleyball.  There was big turnout and everyone had a great time.  Thanks to Bruce and Sue for taking care of that one.  Tom and Betty hosted another new event this year, KerPlunk.  It was a lot of fun, with everyone showing off their casting skills.  Thank you Tom and Betty.  

That's it for today's update. 

Thought for the day:  Don't compare your life to others. You have no idea what their journey is all about.

Enjoy life and play naked.
Bob and Carma

Results for Saturday and Sunday.

Gold Medal – Judy 404, Paul 404
Silver Medal – Sue 416, Sue 416
Bronze Medal – Larry 226, Larry 430

Gold Medal – Larry 226
Silver Medal – Yvon 209
Bronze Medal – Bob 308

Gold Medal – Paul 404, Bob 110
Silver Medal – Bruce 416, Wendy 621, Real 605, Carma 308, Claudia 9
Bronze Medal – Donna 430, Dave 230, Loretta 427, Jeff 310, Ken 344, Jim 621, Carole 411, Cris 312, Judy 404

Gold Medal – Sue 310, Jeff 310, Paul 404, Judy 404
Silver Medal – Sue 409, Randy 409, Ken 427, Loretta 427
Bronze Medal – Jeffy 609, Marsha 609, Yvon 209, Lucie 209

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Sunday SPNO

SPNO Update --- March 26, 2017
Good Morning Everyone. 

Events for today, Sunday March 26th.

Blind Beach Ball Volleyball, 1:30 PM, in the Pavilion;
 KerPlunk, 4:00 PM on the 400 Row. 
KerPlunk is where you will cast a plug into a
 target area for points. 
Come to the 400 Row and try your skills. 
Bring a chair and something to drink and enjoy.  
Saturday was another wonderful day for the Sandpipers Nude Olympics.  The CoEd Water Volleyball Tournament was so much fun to watch.  Thanks to Steve, Yvon and Dee for helping call the lines.  All the teams played hard.  Next, Lou and Alma took care of filling the balloons and making sure no lines were crossed at the Water Balloon Toss, thank you Lou and Alma. 
Thanks to everyone who hosted Pub Nite events.  Roy and Dee took care of Table Shuffleboard.  Bottoms Down was a new event and Paul and Judy ran that one.  Ed and Claudia made sure everything went smooth at Cup Stacking.  Jerry and Marsha were in charge of the Bean Bag Toss.  Thanks to those folks who made this Pub Nite another good one.  Finally special thanks to Charlie and Peggy for keeping the Cheers Bar open and the beer flowing.  

Today is the last day to sign up for Men's 4 x 4 Water Volleyball.  The sign up deadline is 4PM and the sign up sheet is at site 308.  This is a new event this year, so there will only be a Men's Division.  If everything goes well next year we can add a CoEd Event.  

The only other sign up still open is for Ping Pong and that sign up sheet is at site 308 as well.  

Wednesday will be the Closing of the 18th Sandpipers Nude Olympics and it will be a Super Happy Hour.  Please be considerate enough to bring a dish to share if you are going to stay and eat.  Finger food only.  No forks, spoons or knives will be available and there will be no electric for crock-pots or warming trays.  Plates and napkins will be provided.  
There will be a Bake off of cupcakes and cookies, so if you want to enter the contest, please bring 2 samples to Flip Flopz by 1:30 PM.  The judging will be completed by 4 PM and the winners will be announced at the Closing.  Remember, cookies and cupcakes only, no cakes.  If you need more information about the Bake Off please see Carma, Site 308.  

Thought for the day:  When in doubt, just take the next small step.

Have a super Sunday.
Enjoy life and play naked.

Bob and Carma

Results for Saturday March 25th

Gold Medal – Jeff 310, Sue 310, Anita 519, Bob FOS, Donna 430, Jim 316, Larry 430, Roy 402
Silver Medal - Bruce 416, Sue 416, Dave 230, Dave 407, Frankie 104, LD 23, Richie 424, Sue 409
Bronze Medal – Paul 404, Joan 205, Ann FOS, Barry 17, Bob 30, Bob 110, Ken 427, Theresa 118

Gold Medal – Jeff 310, Sue 310
Silver Medal – Paul 404, Judy 404
Bronze Medal - Bruce 416, Sue 416

Gold Medal – Claudia 9
Silver Medal – Richie 424
Bronze Medal – Bob 308

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Saturday SPNO

SPNO Update March 25, 2017
Hello Group.

Today, Saturday is another big day. ...

 CoEd Water Volleyball, 11:30 AM;

Water Balloon Toss, 5:30 PM, Front of Office;
 Awards Ceremony, 6:00 PM, Pavilion;
 Cup Stacking, Table Shuffleboard, Bean Bag Toss, Bottoms Down, Pub Nite, 6:30 PM, Pavilion.

 Please be a little early for CoEd Water Volleyball as this will be a long tournament.   

 There are no sign up deadlines for today.

  Sign up for Ping Pong and 4 on 4 Men's Water Volleyball is still open at Site 308.
Pub Nite will have the full Cheers bar open. There will also be a 50/50 drawing at the Awards Presentation. This is not a Super Happy Hour. 
This is an evening event and the Pavilion will be open so be prepared for mosquitoes. We will try and get started as soon as possible.

Thanks to everyone who helped on Friday.
  Richie and Susi took care of Horseshoes and did a great job. Thanks for that. Randy and Sue took care of Wii Bowling, Jim and AnnaMaya were in charge of Air Hockey, Dave and Frankie had the Pool Shots taken care of, Paul and Judy hosted the Washer Toss. Thanks to everyone who helped. 
A bit about the Cookies and Cup Cake Cook Off. 
 Cookies and Cup Cakes will be judged as one combined category and there will be cash prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. 
Your entries will need to be checked in
between 1 and 1:30 PM at Flip Flopz. 
See Carma for more details about this Cook Off.

Thought for the Day: However good or bad a situation is, it will change.

 Have a great day.

 Enjoy life and play naked.

Bob and Carma
Results for Friday, March 24

Gold Medal – Sue 310, Bruce 416
Silver Medal – Cindy 30, David 230
Bronze Medal – Lucie 209, Yvon 209

Gold Medal – Betty 512. Real 605
Silver Medal - Loretta 427, David 230
Bronze Medal – Sue 416, Lucie 209, Ken 525

Gold Medal - Loretta 425, Jeff 310
Silver Medal - Carole 411, Ed 9
Bronze Medal – Sue 310, Bill 25

Gold Medal - Bruce 416
Silver Medal – Cindy 30
Bronze Medal - Alma 8

Gold Medal – Armand 411, Carole 411
Silver Medal – Nancy 336, Brian 336
Bronze Medal - Roger 102, Mary 102

Gold Medal – Tom 512
Silver Medal – Angela 605
Bronze Medal – Richie 424

Gold Medal - Sue 310, Ed 9
Silver Medal – Mary 120, Armand 411
Bronze Medal -Betty 512, Jerry 609

Gold Medal - Frankie 104, Ed 9
Silver Medal - Sue 409, Armand 411
Bronze Medal - Judy 404, Richie 424

Gold Medal – Loretta 427
Silver Medal – Yvon 209
Bronze Medal – Claudia 9

Friday, March 24, 2017

Friday SPNO

SPNO Update ---- March 24, 2017
Good Morning Everyone. 
Great day Thursday.  Thanks to all the help we had at the Z Field.  Paul, Judy, Richie, Susi, Loretta, Roy, Randy, Ken, Ken, Sue, Carma, Bill, Dee, Donna, Larry, Larry, and if I have missed anyone, please let me say thanks to everyone.  It was a long, hot, sunny and windy day and everyone stayed and made sure everyone had a good time.

Today will be another busy day from morning till night.
8 events today.   
Horseshoes at 10:00 AM, Z Field;
Softball Throw Distance at 11:00 AM, Z Field;
Shark and Friends at 1:00 PM, Pool;
Wet T Shirt Relay at 2:00 PM, Pool;
Washer Toss at 4:00 PM,
 400 Row/Happy Hour;
 Wii Bowling at 6:30 PM, Jakz;
Air Hockey at 6:30 PM, Jakz;
 Pool Shots at 6:30 PM, Jakz.  

Also today is the sign up deadline for CoEd Water Volleyball, Site 308 by 4 PM.  If there is a chance you won't be able to play, then please take your name off as it is hard to find subs at the last minute.  You can still sign up for CoEd Water Volleyball, 4 on 4 Men's Water Volleyball and Ping Pong.   

Thanks Jim and Wendy for the Bloody Marys and the meatballs.  Great idea and they were so refreshing on such a warm day.  

Just a reminder.  Saturday evening is the second Awards Presentation.  This will not be a Super Happy Hour.  Pub Nite will follow and there will be several events then.  Be sure and plan to be there for your Medals.  

Thought for the Day:  It's never too late to be happy. But it's all up to you and no one else.

Have a great Friday.
Enjoy life and play naked.

Bob and Carma


Results for Thursday March 23,2017

Gold Medal - Loretta 427, Larry 226
Silver Medal - Sue 310, Bill 25
Bronze Medal – Betty 512, Yvon 209

Gold Medal - Susie 424, Jeff 310
Silver Medal - Sue 310, Yvon 209
Bronze Medal – Loretta 427, Ed 9

Gold Medal - Loretta 427, Sue 310, Ed 9, L.D. 23, Randy 409
Silver Medal – Susie 424, Richie 424,
Bronze Medal – Judy 404, Dave 230, Roy 402

Gold Medal – Lucie & Yvon 209
Silver Medal - Elaine & Gary 210
Bronze Medal - Joan 205 & Richie 424

Thursday, March 23, 2017


Sandpipers and Natures played their annual golf scramble...Here are the results-Thanks, Annie!


MONDAY, MARCH 20, 2017


RANDY WEBER – First Place

Joan Hess

Dave Junkin

Pete Smithley


BILL FEJFAR –Second Place

Tom Butler

Ken Fox

Annie Waugh


IAN HOWES – Third Place

Al Klaiber

Bob Leonard

Jack McGill


TOM COOPER –Fourth Place

Louise Butler

Bob Dobbs

Dave Sneddon


STEVE PRICE – Fifth Place

Jerry Chambers

Patty Hooley

Jim Mulligan


DAVE MILLER – Sixth Place

Mark Hooley

Jerry Lowe

Al Whitted

Thursday SPNO


Good Morning Everyone.
Events for Thursday, March 23.  
Golf Cart Gymkhana, 10:30 AM, Z Field.  Frisbee Toss, Softball Toss, Football Toss, Noon, Z Field.  Ladder Toss, 4PM, somewhere on the 400 Row.  

Please be aware of mosquitoes and ants in the Z Field.  Yesterday we were working in the Z Field and setting up some of the events and the mosquitoes were not a problem, but it would be a good idea to have some insect repellent handy.  Also is you are going to sit in a chair in the field check to see if there are any ants hills close.  

You do not need a golf cart to play in the Gymkhana, one will be provided.  If you do not have a partner, singles will be paired up.  The event will start at 10:30.  At Noon the other field events will start.  At 4PM at the Happy Hour on the 400 Row will be the Ladder Toss.  This is not a Super Happy Hour, just bring a chair and your drink of choice and play or watch.  

Wednesday was the Opening of the 18th Sandpipers Nude Olympics.  Thanks to Cindy and the group of Canadians for singing the National Anthems.  Thanks Randy for being the MC and to Sue for helping with the Awarding of the Medals.  Thanks to the folks who were considerate enough to bring a dish to share.  Loretta, Marsha, Paul and Judy did a wonderful job of hosting the Lemon Roll and Ritz Challenge, thank you.  Bill pulled off another 8 team Petanque Tournament, good job Bill.  Charlie and Peggy had the Cheers bar open and you two are the best Bar Keeps Sandpipers have every had.  Thank you Charlie and Peggy.  Thanks to Margaret and Irwin for taking care of the 50/50 drawing, Anita was the big winner of $93. 

No sign up deadlines today.  There are still 3 events that have sign up sheets at Site 308, CoEd Water Volleyball, Ping Pong and Men's 4 on 4 Water Volleyball.  

Thought for the day:  Growing old beats the alternative of dying young.

Have a great Thursday.
Enjoy life and play naked.
Hello again everyone.  This is a supplement to the Daily Update.  

Site 621 will have Tequila Bloody Mary's and meatballs on Thursday during the day starting at 10:30 AM.  Thanks Wendy and Jim.  

Also here are the results from Wednesday.


Gold Medal – Paul 404, Bruce 416, Theresa, 118, Richie 424
Silver Medal- Betty 512, Cris 312, Ron 204, Kay 230
Bronze Medal- Armand 411, Loretta 427, David 230, Rich 617


Gold Medal - Randy 409
Silver Medal - Tom 512
Bronze Medal – Larry 226

Gold Medal - Loretta 427
Silver Medal - Jerry 609
Bronze Medal – Cindy 30
Bob and Carma

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Wed/Thursday SPNO

SPNO  Daily Update - March 22, 2017
Good Morning Everyone.

Here is the Update for March 22.  
Petanque today at 9AM.  Teams will be posted at the Petanque Court.
No sign up deadlines today.  
Opening at 4PM in the Pavilion.  
Medal Awards will follow the Opening
Super Happy Hour will follow the Medal Awards.
50/50 Raffle Tickets will be on sale starting at 4PM and the drawing will be at 6PM.  
Please bring finger food to share.  Plates and napkins will be provided.  Full "Cheers" Bar will be open.  
Lemon Roll Event and the Ritz Challenge will be held during Super Happy Hour in the Pavilion. 
Thursday, March 23 Events
Golf Cart Gymkhana  10:30 AM Z Field 
Frisbee Toss   Noon   Z Field 
Softball Toss   Noon   Z Field 
Football Toss   Noon   Z Field 
Ladder Toss   04:00 PM 400 Row/Happy Hour

Thought for the Day:  Life isn't tied with a bow, but it's still a gift.

Have a another wonderful day.
Enjoy life and play naked.

Bob and Carma