Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Bon Voyage Super Happy Hour for Bob & Penna

Fri, April 18, 4pm – 6pm
In front of Bob and Penna's motorhome on the 400 row
Come to the farewell party for Bob & Penna and give them your best wishes.

Please bring a chair and a dish to share.


 This is a second posting of Nancy's Memorial Fund info.
We plan to present the gift the first week in May

A memorial fund is being set up in Nancy Gifford's name through the First Lutheran Church. 
Contributions will be coordinated by Annie at Lot 28. 
 Checks should be made out to the First Lutheran Church.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Home Again...Bill & Laura.

For those that were concerned about us getting home to soon because of cold and snow.
We got home Wednesday about 1:00,
 it was 75 degrees, by 3:00, it was 85. 
 Life is good 
Bill and Laura

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

An Overpayment Resovled...

As you all know...
we must eat our money on account...or lose it, or donate it to one of the worthy charities onsite.
We went to Flip Flopz on the last possible day and ordered double hamburgers with a side of onion rings.
OMG....the best onion rings ever!
Great company.
The newly weds, Brad and Barb, were at our table and we gave them marital advise from our 47 years experience. 
"Never go to bed sober."
When they left Bob & Cath showed up..
She ordered just about the same as me...sans the jalapeƱos.
He had a huge!  What a lot of food!
All in all, I can definitely recommend the hamburgers and onion rings....Fabulous!
We ended up with a surplus of 40 cents...great tip!
Enjoy Karen.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Ya'll Come to Book Club-Thursday, April 10, 11:30

With Louise hiking around Australia we don't have a hostess for this month's book club. She suggested that each each of us bring a question and/or comment about the book
(The All of It by Jeannette Haien) 
specifically  the secrets that all families harbor.  Some are light and some are serious, but we all have them, and how a family handles these are part of the fabric that knits that family together. 
Louise said, "It was well known that my maternal grandmother was pregnant when she and grandpa married.  It was a good marriage and all of us thought the circumstances were amusing--except my mother, who could not even stand to hear of it--even in light-hearted banter." 
 I will be at Flip Flopz at 10 if anyone would like to stop by and help me set up the tea cups and wine glasses.
Louise sends hugs and says to tell all she misses us.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

From Louise....

Giants in the Earth
Vikings thought that the huge granite boulders under the surface of the ground were calcified bones of giants, so Norwegians use the expression, "giants in the earth."  Yesterday I walked up one of these giants, the side of the largest exposed granite batholith in the Southern Hemisphere, Bald Rock, on the border of New South Wales and Queensland. 
 Here is the story by the numbers:
Hike to the summit 1.2Km;
 bare rock face to be climbed 260 meters (about 800 feet, or the height of an 80 story building);
 path down a more user-friendly path 2.5Km;
age of climbers 67;
success rate 100%!

Actually, the way back down took us across the rock face
and into a broken path that wound through
and under a jumble of balancing rocks. 
 Quite impressive. 
The lizards gave wings to my feet!
 The attached photos are me on the way up,
Tom at the top
 and me in one of the paths more interesting canyons.
Yes, we have lots of pictures of the lizards,
 but I refuse to show them.
Tom also took pictures of me at the top,
 but my makeup was no longer fresh.
 Miss you all and many hugs, L

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Big Bug!!!

Did you hear all the ruckus from our end of the park yesterday? 
You know Jay & Karen have bought Kate & Stretch's mobile.  They are having it removed and the Taj Mahal of mobiles brought in later.  Well, the movers have been preparing the old home for removal and have disturbed....something.

You may remember I found a tarantula in one of my kitchen cupboards awhile back. 
Grossed me out and scared me to death. 
 Juan, our trusty bug guy, set traps and thankfully no spiders had returned...until yesterday!
When doing my daily walk around the garden this morning look what I discovered!
  Juan says this is a new threat to the valley and only a small handful have been far. 
It's a new spider call the Angolan Witch Spider.
They migrated from South America.
In Texas they primarily eat dogs and cats. 
 It took several gun shots to kill it, and the house movers helped.

If you want to read more about the Texas invasion of the Angolan Witch Spider click here.