Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Memorial Day Ceremony

Special Memorial Day Ceremony
 on Saturday the 29th
at 11AM at the memorial flag garden.
Followed by a special make your own sandwich
 lunch in Flip Flops at 11:30
Listen to k-nude for all the details

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Birthday Potluck

Hello everyone!!! Maria here!!!

 A week from today, (May 2) I would like to start
 our first Birthday potluck for the summer months!
  So pass the word around!!!

 Want to do it for 11:30 am in flip flopz.
  I will make chicken salad sandwiches.
 We will do a byob. 
 I will make a devils food chocolate cake!
 I know Joann (6) has a birthday May 13.
  If any one else has a birthday this month let me know!!!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

From Mary #5:
Perhaps you may have read in Sunday’s Parade magazine of the newspaper……………….
The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, one of our previous books we read and discussed at book club
has been made into a movie, starring Oprah Winfrey.
It will be on HBO this Saturday, 22nd At 8:00pm E.T., 7 pm our time.

Thanks Mary!

Monday, April 3, 2017

A New Month

What a hectic couple of weeks!  Olympic sports, theater performances, competion on and off site, a scramble to use up our cafe dollars!
Several of us have just finished the Annual Joyce Dupor Scrabble tourny, held every year with a prize of immense value.  Chocolate!
It was a nail biter til the end with a three way tie for first place (and the coveted GIANT chocolate bar) but yours truly pulled it off beating Miss Vicki by a few points and sending rival Jim to the bench.
Speaking of Mr. Jim...I am a candidate for sainthood as we've been married, as of April 1st (no joke) for 50 years.

As you travel home, or as summer permits, send your stories, pictures and updates to me so I can keep us all "in the loop". will come right to my desk and I'll make you famous!

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Taxes, thus rates, are going up!

After spending years updating and improving the quality of life here at Sandpipers Resort we have had our taxes raised by as much as 11%.  To justify this increase, we would like to form a committee to oversee, and adjust and possible offer suggestions for improvements in both regulations and entertainment.  We will need supervisors to cover rule infractions and ideas for new entertainments and perks.

If you would like to participate in our future plans please come by our home, Jay & Karen lot 39. We will need face to face meetings to ensure success and commitment and privacy, so please come see us at home.

Here is a list of possible additives to improve our Sandpiper lives.
  Please let us know your preference, if any. 
1.Regulation Water Volleyball to be played daily
 7:30am til
2. Curbside trash and recycling pick up.
3. All home mowing done by staff.
4. A Field Z community garden. Experience helpful but not required.
5. Light home gardening, i.e. weeding by resort staff.
6. Home delivered meals. Chef skills not necessary.
7. On call pet sitting.
8. Chickens near the possible community garden for fresh eggs (small animal husbandry experience needed).

9. A sauna for those chilly winter days.

10. A radar gun to ensure 10 miles per hour speed limit for bikes, golf carts and cars. A background in law enforcement preferred.

Look over the list and let us know your preference or add an idea of your own, and we will try to add at least one new idea to make life at Sandpipers even sweeter.
 Come to lot 39 to confer and/or volunteer with Jay and Karen.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

SPNO Final Entry

SPNO Final Entry.

Thursday March 30, 2017

Good Morning Everyone.

Just a short house keeping note to start with.  If you want to return your medals there will be a box at the Cheers bar for the next couple of days. 

The 18th Sandpiper's Nude Olympics is done and the final chapter is in the history book.  
It was another great time for these last 2 weeks here at Sandpipers Resort.  The weather was wonderful with no rain to bother with and no worries about competing nude this year.  

There were 114 athletics from 3 countries that played in 38 different events.  The total of all the nude athletes playing in all the events came to 994.  Thanks to everyone who played naked in the sun. 

Carma and myself would like to thank everyone who helped and assisted in this wonderful endeavor.  When we were asked to host this event we had no problem saying yes as we knew we could count on all the great folks here at Sandpipers.  Everyone who stepped up and said "Sure, we can help" made this event so much easier to manage.  In the end we had over 60 folks that came to our aid and did a fantastic job of getting things done.  When someone would come to us and say what a good work we did, all we could say was, it was easy with all the good help we had.  So once again we want to thank everyone for the time and energy they put into this project to get things done.

When it came to getting the information out to everyone, Sue Z with her blog, Steve with K-Nude, Loretta putting notes on Facebook or Maria keep the Sandpipers Calendar updated, there was no finer team.  Thank you for doing that for the group. 

Charlie and Peggy kept the refreshments flowing at the Cheers bar and Jon and Roy helped with the sound system.  The set up and take down crew of Paul, Judy, Randy, Sue, Ken, Doc, Larry, Ken, Brian, Jim and I am sure I am missing a few more, but they made short work of getting the Pavilion ready and looking good.  Thank all of you for taking time out of your daily schedule for helping.  

Dick made ice cream, Wendy and Jim served Bloody Mary's and meatballs, and the folks that brought dishes to share for the Super Happy Hours and the Cupcake and Cookies bakers for creating their special treats, many thanks to all of you.  

The event hosts were just wonderful to work with and without their efforts and assistance the 18th SPNO would not have happened.  Paul and Judy, Bruce and Sue, Randy and Sue, Lou and Alma and Patty, Jon and Donna, Tom and Betty, Richie and Susie, Doc and J, Bill, Frankie, Elsie, Jerry and Marsha, Roy and Dee, Jim and Anna-Maya, Charlie and Peggy, Ed and Claudia, Dave, Irwin and Margaret, Ken and Loretta, Ken and Freida, Yvon and Lucie, Ian, Linda, Bob B.  Please know that we want to thank all of you and don't be surprised when you are asked to help next year on the 19th Sandpiper's Nude Olympics.

Also a big thank you to everyone on the 400 Row who helped with the 4 o'clock happy hour events.  You had to put up with the big crowd of folks almost every day for the last week and we never had a single complaint.  Thank you all.  

I can't say enough about how much help Jon and Donna were with this entire Olympics.  We had meetings and started planning the whole thing weeks in advance.  We went over schedules and times and tried to come up with a plan of what worked and what didn't.  We tried to make sure events didn't interfere with the other regular calendar events and that as many folks as possible could come and have fun.  Jon was always right there for every event and he is the best co-host ever.  Your energy and efforts to make sure all the fine details were taken care of was a huge load off myself and Carma.  I hope you know how much I appreciate your help, thank you.  

This whole thing could not have happened if it weren't for Karen and Jay letting us have the run of the place for these 2 weeks each March.  They are great to work with and were always ready and willing to take care of anything we needed.  Thanks for the supplies, the prizes, the food and the this wonderful resort to hold all the events.  Thank you, thank you.

And finally I want to make sure I give a very big special thank you to my lovely wife, Carma.  If it wasn't for her keeping track of me and Jon, everything would have become a real mess.  The saying goes that a happy life is a happy wife and Carma wasn't happy until all the details were taken care of.  She was a real trooper and I love her dearly.  Thank you Carma from me and I am sure everyone here at Sandpipers.

That's all for now folks, except to let you know the dates for next years 19th Sandpiper's Nude Olympics will be Wednesday, March 21 to Wednesday, March 28, 2018.

Everyone here at Sandpipers feels like family to us and we love you all.
See you next season and for those traveling back home or on vacation this summer, stay safe, enjoy life and play naked.

Bob and Carma
Results for Wednesday, March 29th


Gold Medal - Frankie 104, Jon 36

Silver Medal – Joan 205, Richie 424

Bronze Medal – Lucie 209, Bob 308


Gold Medal – Ken 625 

Silver Medal - Claudia 9 White Russian 

Bronze Medal – Lucie 209 Black Forest