Wednesday, April 11, 2018

City Nature Challenge

Four days in April, the 27 - 30 we are trying to document as many
animal/plant species as we can find in the RGV. 

You don't have to know what you are reporting, someone else will figure that out. If you take a picture with the camera on your phone and then send it via the iNaturalist app or ( for computers) you will be adding to our list of documented species. 

Even if you and I know this is a common sight in the RGV, take a picture of it and send it in.  We are competing against a number of other cities to see who has the greatest rate of participation, the largest number of observations and the greatest number of species identified.

Join in and help the RGV win this thing.

To count for the contest all observations (pictures) must be made on those four days.  Do a practice report or two just to see how it all works, then save the rest of your searching and reporting for April 27 - 30! 

Need help? 
Talk to Tom Butler, Lot 44.

Monday, April 2, 2018

March Winds AGAIN!

March winds continue to blow. 
The forecast winds for tomorrow is the
same as today, 20 to 25 MPH.
Sorry to do this again but the bicycle
ride for Tuesday April 3 is canceled.

Tom Butler
Lot 44

Last Dance!

Lets finish off the season in style. The last dance of the season will be Saturday at 7:30. Have fun and dance the night away.

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Permit Information for Sandpipers Residents.

Recently there has been a number of violations of the "permit" rule so I'd like to explain it more thoroughly. 

There are still water conservation edicts in place so make sure you apply to the office for permits so we can scatter times
to preserve water pressure. 
Permits required for:
Washing RV's, cars, houses, pets.
No permit required for washing bicycles.

Also notice to the office required for planting, in the ground,  anything near your house/RV.  We are trying to prevent termite infestation and snakes.  No creeping plants, no plants near the fence line.  Exceptions granted for containers holding artificial soil. 

No plastic flowers, statues or garden ornaments including gnomes and other fantasy themes.  Permit required for any garden water feature.

Permits also required for wearing clothing during warm weather.  This is a nudist park!

All golf carts, cars and motorcycles/bicycles MUST be retrofitted with a speed limiting device preset at 10 mph, available at the office for a reasonable fee.

And please register your smart phone with the office. Problems have arisen because of some phones ability to take pictures, so once a month bring your phone to the office so a staff member can verify your compliance with our "no pictures" rule.

Thank you in advance for your continued cooperation.

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Let's play Hot Potato!

Hear Ye, hear ye, one and all...
April 2, Monday
4 of the clock
Report to Castle number 424
To attend a roasting of potatoes. 
Bring your chairs and mead,
all toppings and utensils will be provided by
 Prince Richie and Prince Jon (the prince without the "H"), however if you would like to help with toppings check the sign up sheet on Sir Richie's shed door.
100 spuds will be burned at the stake-one has your name on it!

Monday, March 26, 2018

The Wind Wins Again!!

The forecast for tomorrow, Tuesday, March 27, calls for another windy March day, much like today. 

It's not fun to ride for a distance in this wind.  We have several of our riders out for health reasons and several more with equipment problems so we will not ride bicycles at Laguna Atascosa tomorrow, March 27.

We have one remaining bicycle ride scheduled for this year.
  Next week, April 3 we will ride the McAllen Walking and Bicycle trail which extends along second street from I-2, US 83 to the northern end of Col. Rowe Boulevard, 2nd street.

  We can ride a distance that suits the group on this out and back ride.  The Bicycle trail is safely away from traffic except at the crossings.  This is a very picturesque ride with a good surface and safe crosswalks when crossing traffic is necessary.  The trail parallels the irrigation canal so there are few crossroads. 

Lunch will be at Gatti's Pizza at Nolana and 2nd Street.
  We eat lunch during the ride so bring a bicycle lock to secure your bike during lunch.

Bicycle rides at led by Tom & Louise Butler
Lot 44

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Spring Beer Fest

March 29, a Thursday
A spectacular, much anticipated event here at Sandpipers.
THE Spring Beer Fest!
Sites 36 & 37
4 pm

Everyone is invited! The whole park-tell your friends!

*1. Bring 2 unusual, unique, or foreign beers (per person). Travelers, show us where you've been thru beer! If you don't drink come anyway, just bring yourselves some cola or tea or somthing.  We don't judge...much.

*2. Bring your own chairs. Apartment dwellers-chairs will be reserved for you!

*3. This is a Super Happy Hour so bring incredible and delicious food...from appetizers to main dishes, even desserts! (electricity is available for crock pots).

*4. Parking golf carts is limited so park only on left or right side of the road leaving a car pass-thru...and for Heaven's sake, don't park in the field or you'll disappear forever!!!!!

Tasting of all beers will be in 2 oz. cups while you acquire vast amounts of skilled beer tasting knowledge.